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Stewart & Associates offers the expertise of a top-tier law firm for commercially realistic prices. Stewart & Associates will work with you to tailor a solution to your particular needs that’s within your budget.

Stewart & Associates can assist you with both your personal and business matters. We offer corporate and commercial advice, including property law, and the conduct of civil litigation. The firm also has a dedicated conveyancer, as well as solicitors who take carriage of criminal and family law matters. We also operate in NSW and Victoria to assist our clients with business in multiple states.

What sets Stewart & Associates apart is the competitively priced nature of our top quality work. Our solicitors come from first-rate legal positions and educations, including roles at leading law firms, key public sector bodies and leading finance companies. This expertise enables us to produce all-encompassing legal solution that meets your requirements, including your broader financial and business considerations.

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Member of the Law Society of NSW


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John Smith

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