An important part of buying or building a home is choosing the right solicitor or conveyancer to help you. Although you can choose to do your legal work yourself if you wish, you need to decide if taking the risks involved outweighs the cost of hiring either a solicitor or a conveyancer. Remember, if you do it yourself, you will have to bear the costs of any possible mistakes.

If you decide to use a solicitor or conveyancer, make sure you have a clear understanding of what their fees will be and what their services include. Beware of hidden costs such as photocopying and phone calls. Also, make sure that your solicitor is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. This means that if a mistake is made on the part of the solicitor, you may be able to seek compensation.

A solicitor or conveyancer will:

  • Prepare or review the Contract of Sale
  • Organise a title search to ensure that it is the right of the vendor to sell the property and to discharge any mortgage that it may have
  • Check if there are any encumbrances or caveats on the title and what they may mean to you before buying the property
  • Complete the conveyance on the property
  • Protect your interests during the sale/purchase process
  • Calculate adjustments for taxes, council and water rates
  • Arrange, attend and complete settlement of your purchase.

Our property and conveyancing services include:

  • Easements, covenants and disputes over easements
  • Sale and purchase of business
  • Torrens Title
  • Company title
  • Rural land
  • Commercial and industrial leasing
  • Residential leasing
  • Leasing disputes
  • Property development and associated aspects such as options and acquisitions.
  • Land & Environment Court Appeals and Applications
  • Strata Title disputes
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Any Questions?

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