Driving Offences

Stewart & Associates can provide expert advice on all driving offences including:

DUI (Driving under influence)

If you have been caught for DUI (driving under the influence), prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) or driving under the influence of illegal drugs, there are many options to think about when building your defence. Our experts are ready to speak to you and provide the expert advice you need, with a review to reducing or removing your suspension period.

DUI’s can often be considered by people to be minor matters. However, long suspensions of your license, along with possible terms of imprisonment for mid to high range offences, can and often are imposed. You stand the best chance of avoiding these sentences by engaging an expert criminal lawyer to act on your behalf.

Traffic Offences

Unfortunately, there are many traffic offences which can result in criminal charges and leave you with a criminal record. This can have an extremely detrimental effect on your family, your current work, future employment prospects and ultimately, your way of life.

If you are facing a criminal charge as the result of speeding, negligent driving resulting in death, accidents involving bicycles, pedestrians or motorcycles, it is extremely important you contact a criminal lawyer straight away.

Stewart & Associates can:

  • Attend the Police Station with you for your interview with Police
  • Provide up-to-date advice on possible defences and expected penalties
  • Place clients in contact with psychologists, psychiatrists, drug and alcohol counsellors
  • Represent you at court mentions and hearings