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Stewart Law is known as the top law firm in Sydney. We use our expertise and experience to work with you to tailor solutions to your particular needs that accommodate your budget. Our team of lawyers can assist you with both personal and business matters, offering services from Corporate and Commercial Advice, Property Law and Conveyancing, to Family Law and Criminal Law.

Areas of practice

Property & Construction

Are you looking for a property conveyancing lawyer in Sydney & NSW? Do you need the best in the business and experience-based conveyancing solutions? Are you buying or selling property and need professionals to help you through all the legalities and paperwork?

Family Law

At Stewart Law, we prioritise you and your family’s needs. We offer professional services that will assist you to resolve any family law, parenting or property dispute that may arise, regardless of its complexity.

Wills & Estates

Estate planning is a way for you to create a strategy to deal with your assets upon your death. Marriage, separation or divorce, house purchases and other significant events may impact the way you manage your assets and how you would like your estate to be distributed after your death.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Insolvency and bankruptcy are complex areas of law. It is crucial that in times of such financial distress, a business has the correct guidance. At Stewart Law, our lawyers provide a depth of expertise to any client, including lenders, creditors, or borrowers, who are navigating the tricky legal landscape of insolvency, corporate restructuring, or bankruptcy.

Civil Litigation & Disputes

When matters become litigious, Stewart Law has a team of experienced commercial litigators who are able to institute proceedings and defend clients. Our lawyers have knowledge of a wide range of commercial disputes and are able to deal with complex matters, servicing clients from ASX listed corporations to small businesses, institutions, clubs, associations and individuals.

Criminal Law

The criminal legal system is complex and it is essential that when your liberty is at stake, you have the correct guidance and advice. At Stewart Law, our lawyers have vast and deep expertise in criminal law and can provide you with expert advice and assistance on your matters, regardless of its complexity.

Commercial & Corporate

Stewart Law is a specialised commercial law firm with over 50 years of combined legal experience. At Stewart Law, we appreciate that no client is the same and so our lawyers work alongside you to understand your business goals and objectives, anticipate your needs, and ultimately assist you in achieving successful commercial outcomes in the areas.

Employment Law

Stewart Law’s experienced lawyers can advise and act in matters involving employment law, trade law, and workplace health and safety law for employers and employees.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of a business is a significant asset, and it is necessary that it is adequately protected and managed. Stewart Law’s experienced lawyers can offer valuable advice on all aspects of intellectual property commercialization, protection, and enforcement.

Commissions, Inquiries and Investigations

A coronial inquest is called by the Coroner’s Court where the death of an individual is uncertain or death occurs because of non-natural causes. The inquest aims to ascertain the facts of the death. Depending on the complexity of the facts and the number of witnesses, an inquest can be a long process. At the end, the Coroner reports his findings which may be the basis of legal proceedings brought by the Police or a regulatory body against individuals.


If someone has damaged your reputation by their speech or by their writing then you may have a claim for defamation for the loss you have suffered. A claim for defamation is not reserved for the famous or newsworthy against the media. Slander (oral defamation) and libel (written defamation) can and often occurs against lay individuals and can be brought by individuals against governments, other individuals and non-media companies.

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