A coronial inquest is called by the Coroner’s Court where the death of an individual is uncertain or death occurs because of non-natural causes. The inquest aims to ascertain the facts of the death. Depending on the complexity of the facts and the number of witnesses, an inquest can be a long process. At the end, the Coroner reports his findings which may be the basis of legal proceedings brought by the Police or a regulatory body against individuals.

A coronial inquest can be an upsetting process for the family members, work colleagues or friends of the deceased who may be required to give evidence, produce documents, or assist in the hearing otherwise. Stewart Law’s team of experienced lawyers can assist in preventing a coronial inquest from disturbing your healing and grieving process. Our lawyers can ensure that your interests are being protected in the hearing and that you are not subject to legal processes any more than you are required to be. We can also assist you in bringing an action for compensation (after the hearing) based on the determinations made by the Coroner.


Stewart Law’s team of lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in assisting with complex public inquiries like Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiries, such as the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). We work with you to organise evidence, prepare documents and act. At Stewart Law, we understand that a government commission or inquiry can be an overwhelming process so our lawyers support you throughout the process, simplifying the hearings, evidence and the legal issues.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is Australian top company regulator and watchdog. An ASIC investigation is a serious enquiry process carrying with significant consequences for the company and its managers. When investigating, ASIC has the power to gather evidence, require compulsory examination or employ search warrants. Failure to comply with ASIC’s orders could mean that a civil penalty is issued against you.

Stewart Law’s lawyers are experienced in corporate law and the governing legislation, including the ASIC Act 2001 (Cth) and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). We can assist you in determining your next steps and act on your behalf in the ASIC investigations to ensure you are protected from risk. Our lawyers can also work with you prior to any investigation to ensure your company is complying with all regulations and is protected from complaints.