When matters become litigious, Stewart Law have a team of experienced commercial litigators who are able to institute proceedings, and defend clients when litigation is commenced against them.

Stewart Law provides advice and representation to large corporations, small businesses, institutions, clubs, associations and individuals. Our lawyers have knowledge in a wide range of commercial disputes and are able to deal with complex matters.

Resolution of disputes is not limited to Court. In accordance with the Civil Procedure Act 2005 (NSW) attempts are made to resolve disputes via alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our lawyers are experienced in ADR and attempt to address all of the client’s interests and concerns. Where matters cannot be resolved by agreement, our clients receive the strongest possible representation through the Court process.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to deal with a wide range of commercial disputes including:

  • Contractual matters

  • Negligence actions

  • Property disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Dissolution of business

  • Insurance law

  • Administrative law