The criminal legal system is complex and it is essential that when your liberty is at stake, you have the correct guidance and advice. At Stewart Law, our lawyers have vast and deep expertise in criminal law and can provide you with expert advice and assistance on your matters, regardless of its complexity. We provide assistance on every step of the criminal process: from your initial interview with the Police, bail applications and committal hearing to your trial, sentencing and appeal.

Understanding Your Needs

We pride ourselves on working with you and understanding your needs in order to establish the best course of action. Your consent and control of the matter is number one. In the end we advise you, but you as the client are the driving force behind the case. Maintaining this control ensures every step of the way that your confidence in the case and in us is at the forefront of the proceedings. Our diverse team of lawyers is motivated to ensure that, regardless of your background, you achieve justice. Stewart Law also maintains the highest level of confidentiality.

Expertise in Criminal Matters

Our expert legal team can help you with the following matters:

Our team of lawyers have vast experience and knowledge in dealing with offences of assault or those involving violence. Our experts can provide assistance in regard to:

Our approach is to understand you and the whole picture in order to arrive at an appropriate plan of action. We listen to your side of the story and provide you with advice as to how best manage the case. Assault offences may involve friends, family or ex partners so it is essential to grasp a complete understanding of the story.

We are then able to effectively act on your behalf to negotiate with police and prosecutors in order to provide you with the best defence options and most importantly: clear, effective advice.

Driving Offences

If you have been charged DUI (driving under the influence), prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) or driving under the influence of illegal drugs, our team of experts are ready to walk you through your options and provide you with appropriate advice with the aim of removing or reducing your suspension period.

It is important to ensure DUI matters are dealt with promptly and with professionalism. Although they can often be perceived as a minor matter, possible terms of imprisonment and lengthy suspensions of your license are frequently imposed. Our lawyers are equipped to deal with your matter and guide you through the court process involving your offence to achieve the best outcome.

Drug Offences

At Stewart Law, our lawyers have accumulated vast experience in dealing with matters involving drug related accusations. We regularly deal with and can provide expert advice for drug offences including:

If you have been caught with drugs or arrested for drug supply, it is critical that you get in touch immediately so we can make sure that your rights are respected.

The quantity of drugs and the surrounding circumstances in the client’s arrest may significantly impact upon the charges. Long periods of imprisonment may be imposed by the court for drug offences. Therefore, it is important that you receive accurate advice at the earliest stage to achieve the best outcome.

Murder and Manslaughter

As these offences are of the most serious nature, it is imperative to receive the best possible advice and direction. Stewart Law provide expert criminal defence in the areas of manslaughter, murder, and death as the result of negligent driving.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in these matters and can:

Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences may include offences such as rape, sexual penetration of a minor, indecent assault, assault with intent to rape and possession of child pornography.

Given the sensitive nature of these charges it is important for clients to receive clear, unbiased advice from experienced professionals who understand the confronting effect of the charges and the impact it has on a client’s reputation.

Stewart Law make it a priority to:

Corporate Crime

If you have breached a law or regulation as an employee or company director, you may be facing criminal charges. Our team of lawyers at Stewart Law has experience and knowledge in a wide range of offences arising under the Corporations Act, Workplace Health and Safety laws, Environmental Protection laws, the Trade Practices Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Customs Act. We can also provide advice on matters relating to blackmail, false accounting, embezzlement, tax evasion and destruction of evidence.

Stewart Law can help with corporate crime and/or white-collar offences and are always successful in.

Bail Applications

Applying for bail is an extremely important task because criminal prosecutions can often take several months or even years to finalise – time during which a person should not be allowed to languish behind bars.

Our experienced Criminal Law Lawyers have proven results in obtaining bail in various types of matters including, show cause and complex and serious criminal matters.

Sentencing Hearings

Our experienced Criminal Law Lawyers appear in all sentencing matters. Stewart Law’s Criminal Law Lawyers will prepare and appear on sentence hearings aimed at minimising any sentence you may be facing and will advocate without fear on your behalf.

Tribunal & Commission Hearings

Stewart Law’s Criminal Law Lawyers have experience in appearing and providing advice to clients with matters involving the NSW Crime Commission, Australian Crime Commission, Royal Commissions, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Coronial Inquests, Professional Disciplinary Proceedings and the Mental Health Review Tribunal.


Stewart Law’s Criminal Law Lawyers can appear or provide you with advice on any appeal to the District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal in NSW or to the High Court of Australia.

Preparation and appearances

Stewart Laws Criminal Lawyers regularly appear in the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, District Court and Local Courts of NSW. We also appear in the Children’s Court of NSW.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or have been contacted by Police and require urgent, confidential and reliable advice please contact our office to speak with an experienced Criminal Law Lawyer.