Stewart Law’s experienced lawyers are able to advise and act in matters involving employment law, trade law, and workplace health and safety law for employers and employees. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, our lawyers work with you to achieve the desired result by:

Our lawyers can assist and advice on matters involving:

At Stewart Law, our lawyers are experienced in interpreting and advising on employment contracts. We can advise you on the terms of the contract, your responsibilities arising as a result of the employment, the nature of your role, the benefits you will receive and potential risks for you under the contract. Seeking assistance in relation to the contracts of employment can ensure a smooth process later on.

For employers, Stewart Law’s lawyers can assist you by drafting contracts of employment and contracts for independent contractors that note your expectations and protect you in cases of disappointing employ.

Employment termination is a significant event in an individual’s professional life and if you believe that the termination has occurred unfairly, it is important that you are able to receive what you are due.

Our lawyers have a depth of experience in disputes involving termination of employment and/or unfair dismissal under the Fair Trade Act and under contract of employment. They have experience both in Court and Tribunal litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Thus, our lawyers can work with you to achieve the most cost-efficient result for you and avoid costly Court processes wherever possible.

Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in disputes involving compensation as a result of workplace injury. Whether you have suffered physical injuries or psychological or emotion distress at work, Stewart Law’s lawyers will work with you to ensure that you are able to bring a claim forward and are compensated for the loss and damages that you have suffered.

If you believe that you are due entitlements by your employer that have not been paid, such as entitlement arising out of redundancy or other awards due to you because of your employ, Stewart Law’s experienced lawyers can advise and assist you in bringing and arguing a claim. Our team of lawyers is experienced in employment and trade law, including the Fair Trading Act, and can provide sound advise on the awards and entitlements arising out of legislation or contract.