Family Law

Divorce and Separation

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage. In Australia, divorce does not require showing any party’s fault, merely that the marriage has irretrievably broken down without any chance of reconciliation and there has been a separation of 12 months.

Stewart Law’s experienced family law lawyers can guide you through the legal process for divorce and file an application for divorce in court. We can ensure that the process is as comfortable for you and you achieve the result that you desire.

Division of Property and Property Disputes

The process of divorce or separation requires you to identity and legally divide your property with your partner. This can often involve disputes that may require mediation or ultimately court intervention.

At Stewart Law, we ensure that you receive what you are due.

Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements are contracts that you can make setting out how you wish your property is divided in case of divorce. At Stewart Law, we can work with you to create binding and enforceable financial agreements that protect your pre-relationship assets, inheritances and gifts. We anticipate your needs and can ensure that the legal requirements are met for a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial financial agreement.

Custodial Arrangements

Divorce may require that you need to make and negotiate arrangements regarding your children.

At Stewart Law, our lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and ensure you achieve the best result in relation to arrangements for you and your children. We pride ourselves on our ability to support you emotionally through this highly stressful part of the process.

Family Disputes

Our experienced lawyers can also act and advise on any disputes that may arise regarding your family and act on your behalf through the dispute resolution process. We specialise in alternative methods of resolution and will seek to address your family’s needs through other means, leaving court as a last resort.

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If you are going through separation or contemplating separation and want reliable, considered advice please contact our office to speak with a Family Law Lawyer.