Insolvency and bankruptcy are complex areas of law. It is crucial that in times of such financial distress, a business has the correct guidance.

A Depth of Expertise

At Stewart Law, our lawyers provide a depth of expertise to any client, including lenders, creditors, or borrowers, who are navigating the tricky legal landscape of insolvency, corporate restructuring or bankruptcy. We offer a holistic understanding of commercial solutions in accordance with the legal requirements in order to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. Our lawyers are equipped to provide a top-quality service for any matter ranging from advisory services to complex court litigation.

Distressed Business

Our depth of expertise extends into areas such as voluntary administration, receivership (including court appointed receivership), and liquidation.

Stewart Law advises companies and their lender stakeholders when to enter into an insolvency process due to trading and cash flow difficulties.

Our expertise covers a wide range of businesses, from small enterprises to large multi-jurisdictional corporations. We work closely with specialist lawyers and valuers in all trading administrations to ensure assets are maximised to obtain best value for a distressed busines or for the benefit of creditors in liquidation.

Our services include:

Stakeholder Management

Managers of distressed businesses face multiple demands on their time and resources which are often outside its comfort zone and situational experience. Understanding the objectives of key stakeholders and providing appropriate support and advice is critical in underpinning agreement and implementation of a workable plan. Distressed companies need to proactively manage their stakeholders including lenders, equity providers, customers, suppliers, credit insurers, rating agencies, regulators and employees. Each group has different concerns and aspirations and providing appropriate information and messages is essential to secure their ongoing support.

Our extensive situational experience is beneficial in advising and supporting management in achieving its goals. Our presence also brings reassurance to stakeholders who want to see the management team in ‘safe hands’.


Stewart Law’s depth of expertise also extends to cases of bankruptcy. Our lawyers can assist you in navigating through the bankruptcy process, the consequences of bankruptcy, and the formation of debt agreements which is the formal way of settling most debts without going bankrupt. We can also assist you in dealing with, or bringing a creditor’s petition against a business.