Are you looking for a property conveyancing service in Sydney & NSW? Do you need the best in the business and experience-based conveyancing solutions? Are you buying or selling property and need professionals to help you through all the legalities and paperwork?

Sale and Purchase

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a significant commitment so it is important that you have the best advice. At Stewart Law, our team of conveyancing lawyers excel in advising on property acquisitions and disposals including structuring advice on all aspects of the sale, purchase and transfer of property, re-zoning and the management of easements along with rights of way and covenants.

Our experienced lawyers thrive on working with you and understanding and anticipating your needs. They will:

As soon as you find a property that you’re interested in, ask for a copy of the contract from the agent. Our experienced lawyers can provide their services relating to:

Submit your contract review via email to Please make sure to include your contact details.

Retail and Commercial Leases

When it comes to commercial or retail leases, a lot of people don’t understand just how complex a commercial lease can be and how easily it can be fraught with potential problems. Unlike residential leases, commercial leases can have many far-reaching implications if not handled correctly.

In New South Wales, the Retail Leases Act 1994 has undergone some significant changes that impact on the negotiation and drafting of leases for retail businesses. Retail leases differ to commercial leases and are covered under a different set of laws. Whether you are the lessee or lessor of a retail property, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced solicitor/conveyancer to ensure that your rights and obligations are adequately protected during the course of the lease.

Stewart Law’s team of experienced lawyers can assist you with:

There are many issues that may arise with a lease but at Stewart Law, we can simplify the process, guide you through every step and ensure that you are protected from risk. For a landlord, this may mean ensuring that appropriate security is obtained on the lease, and that tenants are complying with their duties. For tenants, this may mean ensuring that the landlord acts responsibly about their requirements, and that the lease is adequately registered with the NSW Land Titles Office.

Mortgages and Refinancing

When it comes to buying property many purchasers pay little attention to their loan contracts. Prior to securing your finance or even after settlement Stewart Law’s highly experienced team of conveyancing lawyers can assist you in fully understanding what it is you are signing.

Mortgage documents can be quite lengthy and complex but in general they cover items such as the purpose of the loan, security and the fees and charges associated. Our expert solicitors or conveyancers will explain all common clauses which may apply to your mortgage, your responsibilities to service the loan, the lenders responsibilities to you as a borrower and all other necessary information required to provide you with proper and sound advice. Although different lenders have different policies, at Stewart Law, our expert solicitors and conveyancers will work with you and try and negotiate better terms where possible.

One of the most common areas of concern for borrowers is what fees will be charged. These fees can include but are not limited to:

Building and Development

We understand the complexities associated with delivering complex projects. From small to large developments Stewart Law’s team of lawyers and conveyancers can effectively interface with all levels of government (local, state, commonwealth) in order to assist, advise and negotiate development applications and approvals.

Our expert solicitors and conveyancers can advise you on all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our extensive experience can assist you across the full project lifecycle (planning and approval, subdivision, and sale). Stewart Law Conveyancing can work with you to identify potential issues and provide you with workable solutions and options.

Our team of solicitors and conveyancers can assist by acting or advising you on:

Strata Title Properties

Our team of lawyers can assist you in transfer of strata title property or, if you are considering developing, even the changing of an existing property Torrens Title to several separate strata titles.

The first in the development process for Torrens title into strata title is to contact the local council and speak to a town planner about checking the zoning, as well as their requirements for approval of strata plan and the timing for strata approval. It will also be important to check on the number of car park requirements as the Development Control Plan (DCP) may have minimum requirements. The DCP may be available online at the council’s website.

The second step is to contact a land surveyor. They will advise you on the exact size of the land and any encroachments by or upon the property plus any easements or covenants on the title. They will prepare your strata plan to comply with council’s requirements and coordinate your development application (DA) and supporting documents. They will also attend to lodgement for registration of the draft strata plan at Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) and prepare a plan of redefinition which may be required by LPMA.

The third step is to contact all relevant authorities, for example, Sydney Water, to investigate requirements for separate metering for each lot and related costs. Lastly, step is to arrange a pest and building inspection of the property with particular attention to the foundations, sewers and fire rating of walls. One of the main costs is compliance with fire safety requirements, so be sure to get a quote for fire safety upgrades.

We will then assist you in drafting or review the contract for sale and ensure that all aspects are legally compliant. We will advise you on zoning, land tax, existing building compliance, heritage issues and, among other details and leases attached to the contract. There can be many issues that may arise, especially in relation to Council approval and or State Environmental Planning Policy No. 10 – Retention of Low Cost Rental Accommodation (SEPP 10) which aims to retain low-cost rental accommodation by allowing for councils to assess the possible impact of development on low-cost rental accommodation.

The final step is the registration of the Development Application. o Registration should take place within 2–4 weeks from date of lodgement and brings the common property into existence which vests in the owners corporation. The title for the common property is sent to the party who lodged the plan and certificate for each lot will be sent to the mortgagee or owner (if there is no mortgagee). Registration requires the following documents:

Cost and Fees

We pride ourselves on being transparent about our costs so there are no surprises for you at the end. Conveyancing costs are comprised of:

As all property transactions are unique, our professional fee differs accordingly. However, by calling us on 02 8960 1118, we can talk through your individual needs and provide you with an obligation-free quote about the professional fee and let you know about any other disbursements that you can expect along the way.

Unlimited Contract Review

Our team of conveyancing lawyers also provide a service of UNLIMITED CONTRACT REVIEWS if you are unsure about the property you are buying or considering multiple properties at once. We will review the contract for sale on your prospective property or properties and provide you with sound legal advice regarding any clauses that need amending or anything else that you should be aware of before placing any offer.

Should you proceed to purchase a property the $99 fee for our contract review services will go towards your final fee! You are under no obligation to use our conveyancing services or purchase the property. Simply fill out the contact form below or provide your details and we will give you a call within one business day to talk you through the details. Submit your contract review via email to Please make sure to include your contact details.